My ideal woman will consist of all the following turn-on’s for me:

  1. pretty, soft light colored eyes that sparkle when she smiles,
  2. overtly warm, friendly, inviting and flirty is always sexy
  3. a whacked sense of humor and goofiness makes her fun
  4. loves to eat and has to be an adventurous one at that; foodies rule!
  5. a little naughtiness but knows how to be classy and elegant too
  6. feminine, toned, shapely, looks great in a bikini or lingerie

Oh my, while many may fit that bill, I think I have just described Dannie Riel. She is a real hottie in my book! *sigh* (did I just sigh?) Okay, back to reality and my studies. How old is she anyway? Twentysomething?

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